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Filing for candidates closes
3/30/2018 12:43:53 PM


March 30, 2018

Filing for Candidates Closes

Filing for the June 12, 2018, primary election closed at noon today.

Those filing in Chesterfield County are as follows:

Probate Judge: Gail Ingram

County Council 8: Mary Anderson

County Council 4: Douglas Curtis

County Council 3: Al Johnson

County Council 2: Gerald Miller

S.C. House District 53: Richie Yow

S.C. House District 54: Patricia “Pat” Moore Henegan

S.C. House District 65: Jay Lucas

Sheriff: Jay Brooks and James Dixon.

Congressional District 7: Tom Rice, Dick Withington, Robert Williams, Mal Hyman, Bill Hopkins and Bruce Fischer

Secretary of State: Melvin T. Whittenburg, Mark Hammond, Joshua Putnam, Nelson Faerber and Kerry Wood

State Treasurer: Sarah Work, Curtis Loftis and Rosalyn L. Glenn

Attorney General: Todd Atwater, Alan Wilson, William D. Herlong and Constance Anastopoulo,

Governor: Henry McMaster, Phil Noble, John Warren, Catherine Templeton, Kevin Bryant, Marguerite Willis, James Smith, Martin Barry and John Yancey McGill

Comptroller General: Richard Eckstrom

State Superintendent of Education: Molly Spearman and Israel Romero

Commissioner of Agriculture: Hugh Weathers, Chris Nelums and David Edmond


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